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Listen to some of our users right now, these folks are just like you and me. If the Bug Doctor doesn't fix all of your computer problems, then our tech support team will!

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The Bugdoctor works great. The time and frustration it saved me was well worth the cost. Thanks Folks!
Michael Haynes

I can not believe how new life has been given to my computer. Thank you so much.
Joseph Picchione

I had to go through two hard disk replacements (believing the problem was hardware related) and certainly no helpful or correct advice from my supplier and/or manufacturer before I 'stumbled' across the Bug Doctor. What was a last ditch attempt in 'saving' my PC turned into a life-saving exercise - I had the dreaded 'blue-screen' brought about by the MS Professional Office loop message conflict - which on at least one ocassion also turned red - much to my major frustration and helplessness. THANK YOU Bug Doctor - not only is my 'conflict' resolved, my PC runs like a dream and I once again have faith in human nature.
Jessica H

Thank you for a great service, it was so easy dealing with your company, I would recommend to all my friends. Thank you again,
Raymond Humphrey from Australia

My computer was running so slow that I ran disc clean up, disc defragmenter, and virus scan but nothing helped and I was thinking about purchasing a new computer. Then I found out about Bug Doctor and Registry Cleaner and after purchasing both of them and running them on my computer, my computer runs like it did when it was brand new. Just running Bug Doctor made a big difference and I decided to keep my computer and I was shocked to see how much better it worked after I ran Registry Cleaner It was the best investment I ever made for my computer as it has saved me at least a $1,000 as I no longer needed to purchase another computer. Bug Doctor & Registry Cleaner, Thanks for saving me so much money!
Larry O.

Bug Doctor has saved me many trips to the store to have my computer fixed. Bug Doctor knows what's wrong- and fixes it!
Shirley D

Hello! I have been using Bug Doctor for a few years now, and would not be without it! I love it because it truely does work. I recently had to reformat my hard drive and after afew days I noticed something was not right, it was sluggish and just not the way it should be.

So I thought well how could their be any problems after reformatting, I mean sure maybe something little, well what a surprise when I ran the Bug Doctor it found over 100 things wrong in almost every catagory. So I click on fix and viola' all done and believe me it ran better than ever!

This is no gimmick! I run it once or so a week and even though it doesn't find anything wrong everytime, Im sure if their is a problem it will find and fix it for me. Oh ya can I say that it is easy to use even if your not a computer wiz? If you don't have get it. You will be amazed like me!
Dori Sampson

I have to say, within the first 5 minutes of owning your downloaded software, you've been able to fix what DELL (outsourcing @ $99 and still couldn't fix so they had to refund my money) and AOL who are awesome at customer service, but not up on PC's, couldn't do. I wish I'd found you sooner, you would have saved me so much aggravation. I somehow 'lost' my driver for AOL and couldn't connect. I couldn't get DELL to understand. Up til 3 weeks ago I was happy with DELL, not anymore. Thanks again for saving me from pulling out all my hair.
Barbara Duff

I am a lifetime customer since 2/27/05. There are four programs I think every computer should have. A virus scanner, firewall, spyware scanner, and Bug Doctor. Bug Doctor is a must have and well worth the price, it will save you time and headache fixing your computer and it does it very fast. Well done Bug Doctor.
Thomas Harrell

I really like your program Bug Doctor. When other programs failed to find out what was wrong with my computer, Bug Doctor fixed it right the first time I ran it and has kept it going since Thanks
Mike K

The Bug Doctor is awesome! Good bye PC repairman. My PC is a lot faster now too. Thank you. Thank you
Lee Barsch

I have been using Bug Doctor for quite a long time now after another programme, “much hyped, Norton” failed to resolve on ongoing problem. As with anti spy ware and antivirus programmes, “not Norton” I find Bug Doctor indispensable.
Peter Tucker

It is great, I run my Bug doctor once a month and it keeps my computer running great
J Duran

The Bug Doctor has been great.It keeps my comp. running great.I love it,I have recomended it to all my friends. Thank you Bug Doctor!
Laura Hester

Bug Doctor makes smiles at my desk. It has solved many problems with my computer over the years. My Bug Doctor has a permanent office and does house calls 24/7. Highly Recommend Him or Her.
Howard Petty

Having used pc bug doctor for a very long time. I have found it to be a reliable piece of sofware that actually works, I have had several problems with my computer over the years and never been able to fix them without proffessional help, until using bug doctor. It is easy to use and quick, unlike other software I have tried. I suggest anyone who has a computer should try it and see for themselves. I have reccommended it to many friends and buisness associats.
Martin Fletcher

I have been using Bug Doctor for awhile now and have recommended it to many family members and friends. I depend on the Bug Doctor almost everyday, and it does a great job. This should be something included in every computer.
L Ervin

I am a beginner as far as computers knowledge goes but since installing my copy of The Bug Doctor this program has saved my system several times from harmful and hidden bugs that some sites try to download onto your system. I haven't used anything better than The Bug Doctor.
James Carder

Bug Doctor help to bail me out when my son turned off the virus protection to down load songs. Thanks!
Earl Knight

My computer had slowed down to the point that I thought I would have to scrap it. As a Pastor, finances are precious, so the thought of having to purchase a new computer was daunting, to say the least. BugDoctor came through for me like a real champ, restoring my ancient system to almost-like-new condition, and speeding up my processes like I never dreamed it would. Thanks to you folks at BugDoctor, my computer is back from the dead! Y'all are real ministry-savers!
Pastor Timothy Walker

This is a great program and everyone should have it on there PC!
Gary S

As a computer user, not a technician, I was crushed when my computer got to the point that it slowed down so much that I could not work. I needed the data on it, as well as the email capabilities since I was going to college on-line. A friend told me about bug doctor and now it works like it should. Thank you Bug Doctor for working miracles on it!
Tim Sheffler

My system was running extremely slow booting up, sluggish running and experienced many frustrating crashes. I tried Bug Doctor, which fixed over 180 problems on my system. The problems went away. I have tried other so called pc maximizers. All they seem to do is tell you how much memory you are using and actually cause additional crashes. Bug Doctor is the only program that truly worked for me.
Roger Bonser

My brother put me onto Bug Doctor software. He said it worked wonders on the stability of his computers--his, his wife's, and two in her business. I got it and can say I agree completely with his assessment. Excellent PC tool.
Jim Collard

Excellent software to keep your computer free of bugs. I use it everyday for my office computers. Owner of a Kentucky Mortgage Company.
Desmond Robinson

I think your products are great ..I have tried many products and found that none compare to your products ..I think pc bug doctor is the greatest product made in that area...I have sent many friends and associates to your web site to buy your products......
Rohalia Harris

Your Bug Doctor has kept my laptop running really well with no conflicts, slowdowns, or freezes
John Keating

PC Bug Doctor has been great. It's found all kinds of "things" on my computer and when I had to start fresh with a clean system because of other issues I contacted them to get my key again and had no problems whatsoever.
Marie Kusserow

I love bug doctor! Simple to use, and it works
T Cowley

To whom it may concern: Once I acquired the user name and key, it was great! The Bug Doctor quickly found problems and then fixed it even quicker. The Bug Doctor helped my inexperience in fixing computer problems by making it a breeze.
Michael Sweers

I find it an excellent program & highly recommend it.
William Kovacs

I think it is the best thing that has come out for computers.
Roberto Turner

I have found Bug Doctor to be very effective in clearing problems on my laptop computer. I use it every day.
John Taborm

I have used Bug Doctor for some 2-years now and have found it amazing in sorting out DLL problems to date the support from the site has been Excellent also my greatest thanks to Peter, his advise on a problem I had was fixed virtually overnight. I can only Recommend this program Highly and the Support absolutely Fantastic! Keep Up The Good Work!
Charlie Taylor (SCOTLAND) U.K.

I use windows 98SE on an out of date ten year old low cost computer, the first and only one I have ever used. As one can imagine, I have experienced numerous faults and crashes. Recently, I purchased a rival brand of registry cleaner, having had yet more problems, and this did find a few faults. Noticing that you were offering a free scan of PC Registry Cleaner, I decided to give it a try, purely out of curiosity.

Your product found over 120 faults, immediately after a scan with the other cleaner, and despite the fact that I had purchased the other product only three weeks previously, I was sufficiently impressed to purchase your system and delete the other one.

Being in my mid sixties, and consequently never having been brought up with any knowledge of computers, which were non existent when I was educated, your clear and and precise downloading instructions were really appreciated. Some companies seem to believe that all of their customers have an in-depth knowledge of computer workings and jargon, leaving older users such as myself confused, and often terminally mystified; so much so, that I rarely tackle a download unless a CD is available at the same time.

Many software firms must miss a great deal of business to older customers, such as myself, who find the new technology equivalent to being dragged off a bicycle and expected to fly Concorde! All in all, congratulations on a first class product at a sensible price.
Jack Boniface

We've beeen using Bugdoctor for about 1 year now and I thoroughly recommend it. The after sales support is excellent and the frequent post-sales emails are friendly, informative and well-received.
Steph Williams

I tried Bug Doctor and was amazed by the results!!!
Ramon Vega

Bug doctor works very good and is quick about doing the scans. Also, watching the Bug work is cool...
Charles Medley

Bug Doctor keeps all 3 of my computers running smoothly. I had frequent freeze problems and crashes until I starter using Bug Doctor. Thanks, because lost time and work on my computers is something I cannot afford.
Jerri Allen

Thanks Bug Doctor, the software has saved me time and money. Countless trips to the local computer repair shop. Not anymore unlike conventional spyware removers, Bug Doctor goes to work on the injury and heals it. Other products do not come close. Bug Doctor just like to again thank you. Bug Doctor yours truly
Norman Nicolas

I have been using bug doctor for a while now. I have an older computer and I feel It has helped It's performance very much. I usually download free software but since I have been using bug doctor, I have deleted all others.
Bonnie Barnes

I have used the Bug Doctor for over a year and it is one of the best investments I have ever purchased. It keeps my computer running smoothly. I recently had a tech look at my computer and he said it was one of the cleanest running machines he has seen in awhile and was surprised at how long I have had it.
Micahel Majerek

I have used Bugdoctor for a year and I have renewed my subscription; Simple to use, easy to update & efficient That says it all. I recommend it.
Annik Lidou

Great stuff - easy to operate, fixed hundreds of issues with it, increased speed and reliability
Kirby Wadsworth

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Watch a Video of the Bug Doctor in action below, Just click the picture below. The Bug Doctor works for you even if:

  • You are not a "computer person".
  • You don't know squat about computers.
  • You don't understand what I've been talking about so far.
  • You don't have to be a "computer person" to fix your computer. You don't have to pay some computer store lots of money to do it for you, either.

With The Bug Doctor, you just push a button, and the program automatically fixes hundreds of errors for you. Click below to watch it happen on video (just click below now, it's easy)

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"Bug Doctor Found 403 Errors!"
I thought I was well-protected. After all, I use Norton religiously. I ran a Norton scan which said I had zero problems. But then I ran the Bug Doctor and your software found over 403 errors on my computer!

This software is worth 10 times the price!

Ray Edwards
Spokane, WA

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