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System Requirements:
Windows PC (95,98,ME,NT,2000 and XP)

This download will just take you a couple of minutes. After installing the Bug Doctor restart your computer and then scan your PC for errors. If you have some trouble downloading, just bookmark this page, restart your computer and return here to download again.

If you have any trouble DON'T PANIC most problems can be easily solved and is often just a result of Internet traffic or a poor Internet connection at the time. Simply visit our Help Desk website and let us know the problems you are having one of our friendly support reps will be more than happy to assist you.

Visit our Helpdesk

   STEP 1

Depending on your version of Windows you will see
either Open or Run after clicking your download link

IMPORTANT: Once The Download is Complete, click RUN

   STEP 2
You should now see the the Bug Doctor Setup screen,
press the NEXT button until PC Bug Doctor has finished installing

After Installing press the Scan Now button to start your Free Scan

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Listen to what other users have to say:

Great stuff - easy to operate, fixed hundreds of issues with it, increased speed and reliability
Kirby Wadsworth

Bug Doctor has saved me many trips to the store to have my computer fixed. Bug Doctor knows what's wrong- and fixes it!
Shirley D

I run my Bug doctor once a month and it keeps my computer running great!
J Duran

I have been using Bug Doctor for awhile now and have reccomended it to many family memebers and friends. I depend on the Bug Doctor almost everyday, and it does a great job. This should be something included in every computer.
L Ervin

As a computer user, not a technician, I was crushed when my computer got to the point that it slowed down so much that I could not work. I needed the data on it, as well as the email capabilities since I was going to college on-line. A friend told me about bug doctor and now it works like it should. Thank you Bug Doctor for working miracles on it!
Tim Sheffler

My system was running extremely slow booting up, sluggish running and experienced many frustrating crashes. I tried Bug Doctor, which fixed over 180 problems on my system. The problems went away. I have tried other so called pc maximizers. All they seem to do is tell you how much memory you are using and actually cause additional crashes. Bug Doctor is the only program that truly worked for me.
Roger Bonser

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