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The Bugdoctor works great. The time and frustration it saved me was well worth the cost. Thanks Folks!
Michael Haynes

I can not believe how new life has been given to my computer. thank you so much.
Joseph Picchion

I had to go through two hard disk replacements (believing the problem was hardware related) and certainly no helpful or correct advice from my supplier and/or manufacturer before I 'stumbled' across the Bug Doctor.

What was a last ditch attempt in 'saving' my PC turned into a life-saving exercise - I had the dreaded 'blue-screen' brought about by the MS Professional Office loop message conflict - which on at least one ocassion also turned red - much to my major frustration and helplessness.

THANK YOU Bug Doctor - not only is my 'conflict' resolved, my PC runs like a dream and I once again have faith in human nature.
Jessica H.

Hello! I have been using Bug Doctor for a few years now, and would not be without it! I love it because it truely does work. I recently had to reformat my hard drive and after afew days I noticed something was not right, it was sluggish and just not the way it should be.

So I thought well how could their be any problems after reformatting, I mean sure maybe something little, well what a surprise when I ran the Bug Doctor it found over 100 things wrong in almost every catagory. So I click on fix and viola' all done and believe me it ran better than ever!

This is no gimmick! I run it once or so a week and even though it doesn't find anything wrong everytime, Im sure if their is a problem it will find and fix it for me. Oh ya can I say that it is easy to use even if your not a computer wiz? If you don't have get it. You will be amazed like me!
Dori Sampson

I am a lifetime customer since 2/27/05. There are four programs I think every computer should have. A virus scanner, firewall, spyware scanner, and Bug Doctor. Bug Doctor is a must have and well worth the price, it will save you time and headache fixing your computer and it does it very fast. Well done Bug Doctor.
Thomas Harrell

I really like your program Bug Doctor. When other programs failed to find out what was wrong with my computer, Bug Doctor fixed it right the first time I ran it and has kept it going since Thanks
Mike K

The Bug Doctor is awesome! Good bye PC repairman. My PC is a lot faster now too. Thank you. Thank you
Lee Barsch

The Bug Doctor has been great.It keeps my comp. running great.I love it,I have recomended it to all my friends. Thank you Bug Doctor!
Laura Hester

With The Bug Doctor, you just push a button, and the program automatically fixes hundreds of errors for you.

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"Bug Doctor Found 403 Errors!"

I thought I was well-protected. After all, I use Norton religiously. I ran a Norton scan which said I had zero problems. But then I ran the Bug Doctor and your software found over 403 errors on my computer!

This software is worth 10 times the price!

Ray Edwards
Spokane, WA

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