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You can fix any and all errors that our Free version of PC Bug Doctor has found on your computer in just a few minutes. We have 3 options available to accommodate as many people as possible. In case you need to download again click here.

30 Day Unlock Key - $39.99 -$5 = ONLY $34.99! One time fee
Our Basic level package allows you you unlimited use of PC Bug Doctor to repair all errors on your PC for a full 30 day period. All these errors will remain fixed even if you don't renew your license after the 30 day use key is up. After that 30 days your key will expire and you will not be able to fix any errors you encounter in the future without purchasing another key. Order the 30 Day Basic Service Unlock Key
Basic service package is a one time fee and use of PC Bug Doctor expires after 30 days

One Year Unlock Key - $59.95 - $5 = ONLY $54.95! MOST POPULAR!
This is our most popular option. For the ridiculous low price of only $54.95 you can protect your PC for a full year. Keeping your PC in tiptop shape 24/7. You can use PC Bug Doctor as many times as you need to during your 1 year license period.
Order the Annual Service Pack
Annual option renews annually and of course you can cancel at any time.

Lifetime License - $129.95 - $5 = ONLY $124.95 BEST VALUE!
Lifetime use and lifetime updates no extra charge! Most people who have purchased our 30 day unlock key come back to purchase the lifetime license shortly after because they KNOW what a deal this lifetime offer is. For the amazing low price of only $124.95 you can get a full lifetime of benefits from PC Bug Doctor. Including FREE lifetime updates, unlimited uses, ability to use PC Bug Doctor on multiple PC's that you own and even a free software bonus. If you order today we will throw in a free Speed Bundle CD shipped to your door with 5 award winning software titles on it.

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No matter which package you purchase you will get a free copy of our Nationally accredited and multi award winning Popup Smasher Pop up Window Killer.

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